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Creative Writing Has Never Been Easier

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Tips that Will Help to Impress Your Readers

When it comes to creative writing, the major rule to follow is, obviously, to be creative. However, there are certain structures, tips, and tricks that every creative writer knows.

A book review is an analysis of a book that includes its subject, strengths and weaknesses and context.

While writing, remember to evaluate the text, don’t just summarize it; do not cover everything in the book. Judge the book by its intentions, not your personal ones. Don’t criticize the author for not writing as good as he or she should have written. Try not to use a lot of quotes from the book, paraphrase them;

Writing your presentation might be hard. Try to write content that has a major impact on the target audience. Using the power of three is your key to success. Even when you’re not sure about the quality of written material, you can always rely on this brilliant tip. Just structure your presentation following this rule:

What? – This part shows the key message that you’ve brought to the audience. Try to define the benefit of your message. What the audience will gain from it, etc.

Why? – It is the question that arises right after the first one. If you answer this question, you will catch people’s attention. You will have the audience on your side as a result.

How? – Means how you are going to achieve what you have just proposed. Nourish their interest following these tips and make your presentation popping!

Speeches, scripts, blog posts… We can endlessly list tips and tricks to these kinds of creative writings but isn’t it easier just to relax and let us do our work instead of you?