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Writing Compare and Contrast Essays: Tips and Guideline

Writing Compare and Contrast Essays: Tips and Guideline photo

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To begin with, let’s make it clear with our writers from Essay Things service what a compare and contrast essay is. As it comes from its name, this kind of writing explores the similarities and the differences between two subjects through comparing and contrasting them. The main idea of this kind of essay is to show both what these subjects are similar to and what their differences are.

Usually, compare and contrast essays are used for developing critical thinking of the audience or for helping the reader to form a particular opinion on the subject.

So, how to write it right?

1. Choose a topic

It is important that the topic you choose is interesting for the audience and is able to catch their attention. Moreover, it shall help you to reveal your writing skills to the full. However, remember that the discussed subjects have to be easy enough to compare and contrast.

2. Prepare for writing properly

Once you have received a topic of your future essay, you need to collect as many materials on it as possible. Explore both subjects which you have to compare and contrast.

3. What is different? What is similar?

As a result of the research, you must be able to figure out the differences and similarities of both your subjects. At this stage, it is good to use any helpful tools like diagrams or tables to visualize and structure the information. Making lists of differences and similarities can also help.

4. Pick out the main argument

Take a look at the list of the similarities and differences you have made. Try to see the topic deeper. What catches your attention when looking through them? What seems to be significant? This will be your main argument.

5. Make it structured

The general structure of a compare and contrast essay is the same as for any other kind of essay. It consists of an introduction, a body part, and a conclusion. However, it is up to you which style of outlining the body part to prefer. One is called a block structure. If you use this way, you have to compare and contrast all the information regarding your first subject, and only then you can go to the second one and the same with it.

Another style is a point by point structure. In case you decide to choose this one, you will have to discuss each point in a separate paragraph. Moreover, both subjects must be discussed under the same point in each of the paragraphs.

6. Outline matters

After you have decided what structure your essay will have, create its outline to fit the chosen style.

7. Add supportive evidence

While writing your essay, use supportive evidence from the books, research materials or your personal experience to back up your statements.

8. Use transitions

Transitions are phrases that show the connections between the different parts of an essay and highlight the connections between the subjects, too. Using them will help you to make your essay more clear and easy to understand, as well as better structured.

Finally, when your essay is ready, remember to proofread it and revise thoroughly. Spelling, grammar, and punctuation must contain no mistakes. It is good to use any online programs to check the grammar, etc. Like that, you can be sure that you didn’t miss anything.