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Writing a Case Study Analysis: Complete Guideline

Writing a Case Study Analysis: Complete Guideline photo

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The first thing you must know is that you shall understand the case study completely. We advise you to read the background materials thoroughly and make notes. Find the essential issues, main participants, and appropriate facts according to the opinions of professionals from Owing to this you will systematize all the smallest details regarding the company as well as cover the topic to the full.

Step-by-Step Instruction – Your Guide to Success

So, you are ready to start writing. To be efficient, you will need a step by step plan. It will help you not only to compose a clear structure of the text but also to better realize yourself which way your work must be going.

Step 1. Find out what kind of company you are writing about.

Learning about the company’s history and formation will greatly assist you. Besides, information about the past of the organization can provide you with ideas regarding its present state and prospective growth.

Start with learning about how the company was found, explore its crucial critical situations, create a sequence of its main issues, achievements and essential events that affected the company’s present state.

Step 2. Figure out its strong and weak points

All the data you have collected before can be applied now. Relying on this, make a list of the most strong points of the company you are writing about. Create the same list with its weak points only. Having these two lists separately, you can compare and analyze the organization’s advantages and disadvantages.

Next step will be to explore the formation process in order to find the problems and their effect on the company. Do the same work with the areas that the company stand out in.

Step 3. Examination of the environment

The point here is to spot the possibilities and dangers in the company’s surrounding. What do you need to pay attention to? Competition inside the industry, the threat of substitute products, entering the new markets and new technology – everything can be useful here.

Step 4. Analysis of the data you have collected

The second you complete your investigation, it is time to systematize and summarize the information you have. Here you can compare the weak and strong points of the company to the threats and opportunities of its external surrounding. Make a conclusion of whether the company has a strong position within the market and is able to keep on developing without slowing down.

Step 5. Corporate strategy

To find out the corporate strategy, you need to identify the organization’s mission, goals and how it is moving towards them. Here is where you can mention the pros and cons of the company’s strategy and development, as well as analyze the possible benefits of changes, if any.

Step 6. Business Strategy

Explore and analyze all the competitive strategies, marketing strategies, as well as costs and general focus of the company.

Step 7. Implementation Analysis

Your job here is to find the control and structure systems and analyze. Feel free to estimate everything that is important for the company (e.g. employee rewards, hierarchy levels, etc.)

Step 8. Recommendations

This is the conclusive part of your analysis. Here you can give various recommendation for the company, but keep in mind that each of them must be based on the context of your work.

Step 9. Review.

Look over your work for any mistakes. The completed paper must be clear, informative and professional.

All these tips along with your analytical, attentive and thorough approach will help you to write a professional and honest business case study analysis.