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What to Write About in Your Application Essay

What to Write About in Your Application Essay photo

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Many applicants often feel stressed because of the choice of their Common Application Essay’s topic. They think that it must be something striking, innovating or rare. Something that would amaze the teachers and prove themselves to be worthy students in the future. However, many colleges acknowledge that the topic itself is not the most essential part of the application process. What matters most is its meaning for the applicant as well as his or her viewpoint and ability to reveal it. We at add more and more information every day to let our readers to know more acadedmic writing tips.

2018-2019 Common Application Essay Topics

To create a truly unique Common App Essay you need to be deeply interested and involved in your topic. Here is the list of current topics below.

  • Are you one of those applicants who believe their talent is so significant that their application will be imperfect without it? In this case, your story is worth being shared.
  • Life obstacles can be very enlightening sometimes. Try to recall the time when you had to deal with a challenge or a failure. Did those situations teach you something?
  • Have you ever had a time when you questioned a belief or doubted an idea? Why did you do that? How did it end up?
  • Tell us about a problem that you solved in your life or want to try to solve. What is so essential about it? Describe how you could solve it.
  • Discuss an event or achievement that made you grow as a person and understand yourself better.
  • Think of a subject which is extremely attractive to you. Explain why it is so engaging for you.
  • Compose an essay on any topic you prefer. It may be something you are already familiar with, or something completely new.

How to Pick a Topic that Appeals to You Most

It can be complicated to pick only one topic from the list. Several ones may seem interesting, and it is important not to miss and choose the one that really fits you. To make the choice easier, you can do several easy steps when making a decision:

1. Read each topic carefully and try to realize whether you have any personal experience in it.

2. Write down all your conclusions and look over them.

3. If there are any experiences that are more important to you that the others, they can make a perfect Common Application Essay topic! Even if they seem not so much significant to you.

4. Remember that there are quite many topics that are frequently used, so choosing them will hardly make your essay outstanding (unless your point of view is really unique). They are such topics as life and death, religion, politics and others.

5. Keep in mind that there is a word limit. A Common App Essay shall consist minimum of 250 words. The maximum amount is 650.

6. Any other writing supplement requested by a college may be of the same importance as your essay. Remember that!

Finally, it is important for you to realize that your Common Application Essay may not necessarily raise an extremely deep topic or be the best paper written among all the applicants. What will make it unique is your attitude and passion for disclosing the topic.