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Humor and the College Application Essay: How Not to Go Too Far

Humor and the College Application Essay: How Not to Go Too Far photo

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If you are up to writing a college application essay, you probably already know what its main goal is. Your application essay must reveal your personality and give an idea of who you are and what your character is. It shall not be too formal, on the contrary, the more it sounds like you the better. However, you must also remember not to cross the line. You don’t want to turn your application essay into a comic show, do you? Editors from have great experience in writing an application essay for a college with humor.

One more thing that a good piece of humor does is to make your essay stand out. The person who is reading application essays can go through hundreds of them every day. And unless you write about something that none of the applicants has probably written about, your essay will get lost in those piles of application papers. Eventually, your application essay has to set you apart from other applicants and make you memorable!

So, what can you do to make your application essay sound natural and memorable at the same time?

  1. If you decided to add any funny or humorous piece into your essay, try to pick one that corresponds to the work you want to do in college or on the campus. It can also be something that is connected to the job you want to get in the future.
  2. If you had any funny moments in your life that describe your positive and strong features of character, add this to your essay, too! Like that, it will be clear to the college that, for example, you are a hard-working person, intelligent or easy-going. And with a good sense of humor!
  3. It is not necessary to write a lot (unless it is required to fully describe the situation). Your humor can be short but catchy.
  4. Remember that there are still certain rules and requirements for those who are applying for a college. You must not sound like a clown in your essay! So make sure that all the funny moments you mention in it are appropriate for the place you want to study in. Even if the purpose of an application essay is to show you in a more personal way, you must be presented as a serious, intelligent and motivated person.
  5. Even if you decided to add some humor to your essay, it shall not sound like an anecdote. To avoid that, go through the application requirements of the certain college you are applying to once again, it may help you to understand what sort of students they want to see in their ranks.

One more useful advice for you is to give your essay to one or several of your school teachers to read. If they approve the humor you are using there, then, most likely, it will fit the college professors, too.And finally, using a bit of humor in your application essay is not bad. It will show your personality and help to avoid sounding too arrogant and stiffly.