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How to Write in an Academic Tone and Style

How to Write in an Academic Tone and Style photo

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Finding a proper tone and style for your academic writing is an essential part of it. However, students often find it difficult to keep the balance and so their works sound either too formal or too casual. Both will definitely not make your essay sound stronger.

So, what shall you do in order to make your paper sound the right way? Check out the list below from EssayThings!

1. Remember what the point of academic paper is

It may sound silly to you, but surprisingly many students somehow fail to keep in mind the main point of an essay writing. This point may be to put an argument, make a claim, argue some points or put forth a new idea.

All this requires your essay to sound strong and convincing. There is no need to make your audience believe that you are the smartest one. Instead, an essay written in a clear way with strong arguments and evidence will be a much better choice!

2. Forget about sounding too formal!

This is one of the most common mistakes that students make when writing their essays. What happens is that they confuse academic tone with the formal one.

Instead of making your paper sound like as if it was written by a professor, try to use the words whose meaning is clear to you. Same with the sentence structure, you must understand what you are talking about even if it seems simple to you.

3. Avoid common words and phrases

Your paper must not sound too stiffly, however, it is also important not to make it too formal. To achieve that, exclude any informal words or phrases that are usually used in spoken English. Of course, slang words are not acceptable at all. Try to be as direct and specific as possible in your paper.

4. No hyperboles or exaggerations allowed!

You are writing a serious academic paper. It means that for emphasizing something in your text, it is better to use strong evidence or argument rather than hyperbole or exaggeration in order to convince the readers.

5. Don’t generalize

Letting generalization into your text is a big mistake because this sort of statement is very hard to prove and, quite often, they are not even related to your argument.

6. Don’t use personal pronouns

Not using personal pronouns in your essay will make it sound more serious and factual. Besides, it will help you to keep the distance from the essay. As long as you can never know who exactly will read your essay, it is better to avoid personal pronouns which can invoke a reader.

Instead, use a wide range of words to show how broad your vocabulary is in the specific field. Also, specific terminology will be a good help. It will show your readers that you are knowledgeable about what you are writing.

One more important thing to remember is references. Provide them in a correct way and make sure you are familiar with all the specifics of the referencing style you chose.

Always proofread your work before publishing it! Your grammar, punctuation, formatting, and lexis must be perfect.When following these simple tips, you will be able to write a true academic essay!